N-3 - Notaries Act

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47. Before it is signed, a notarial act must be read aloud to each of the parties by the notary or by a third person appointed by the notary. The act need not be read to parties who have themselves read the act or where the parties declare to the notary that they have taken cognizance of it and exempt the notary from reading it. Mention of the declarations and exemption must be made in the act, above the signatures.
The inclusion in the act of the words After due reading hereof constitutes a simple presumption that the act has been read in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
2000, c. 44, s. 47; 2023, c. 23, s. 46.
47. Inserts and additions to inserts may only be written in the margin or at the end of the act; they must be initialled by the signatories to the act, under pain of nullity.
2000, c. 44, s. 47.