M-44 - National Museums Act

Full text
39. (Repealed).
1983, c. 52, s. 39; 2002, c. 64, s. 13.
39. A museum may, by by-law,
(1)  establish standards on the internal management of the establishment, and surveillance and security measures for the objects found therein;
(2)  establish committees of persons to advise it on the acquisition of objects, or on any other matter connected with its functions as well as standards on the operation of the committees;
(3)  determine conditions for acquiring, alienating, leasing, lending, borrowing, donating, exchanging, preserving or restoring objects that are the works of man or the products of nature;
(4)  establish classes of non-voting members and determine their duties, powers and obligations.
1983, c. 52, s. 39.