M-3 - Master Electricians Act

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24. The council may make an agreement with any builders’ association or a fiduciary for the establishment of a bid depository for tenders submitted respecting certain categories of work in a given territory.
After such an agreement comes into force, no member may, without being guilty of an act derogatory to the honour of the trade and liable to the disciplinary penalties provided by the regulations, subject to any civil recourse which may arise from such offences:
(a)  tender in any manner for the carrying out of work included in the categories defined by any agreement, otherwise than in the manner which it prescribes;
(b)  contract for the carrying out of such work otherwise than at the price and upon the conditions of his tender submitted in accordance with such agreement;
(c)  grant any reduction on the price of his tender or pay any commission, rebate, participation or other advantage having the effect of reducing the true price;
(d)  endeavour to obtain information respecting a tender before it is opened.
R. S. 1964, c. 153, s. 25.