M-32.2 - Act respecting the Ministère du Travail

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13. For the purposes of the performance of his functions and the administration of the Acts under his authority, the Minister may, in particular,
(1)  at any time, designate a person to promote the establishment or the maintenance of harmonious relations between an employer and his employees or the association representing them. Such person shall report to the Minister;
(2)  carry out or cause to be carried out, and disseminate, such studies, research and analyses as he considers useful, including comparative analyses of the development outside Québec of matters within his competence;
(3)  collect, compile, analyze and disseminate available information on labour relations, labour standards, work organization, the labour market, conditions of employment and any other activity carried on by his department or the bodies under his authority;
(4)  in accordance with law, enter into agreements with any government, department or body.
1996, c. 29, s. 13.