M-25.1.1 - Act respecting the Ministère des Relations internationales

Full text
18.4. (Repealed).
1994, c. 15, s. 8; 1996, c. 21, s. 58.
18.4. In exercising his functions, the Minister shall
(1)  study available data on Québec’s manpower requirements, available employment and possibilities for immigrant settlement, taking into account the characteristics of the population and the territorial development programs;
(2)  carry out surveys and research regarding emigration pools susceptible of providing immigrants for Québec and regarding methods to be used for immigrant recruitment and selection;
(3)  take the necessary measures to inform, recruit and select such persons and facilitate their establishment in Québec according to demographic, economic and socio-cultural needs;
(4)  establish and maintain immigrant assistance services responsible for receiving immigrants upon their arrival in Québec, providing them with the required assistance, remaining in contact with them and providing them with the support they need;
(5)  take the steps that are necessary to enable persons settling in Québec to acquire, upon arrival or before leaving their country of origin, a knowledge of the French language;
(6)  establish and maintain adaptation services responsible for the harmonious integration of immigrants into Québec society and, more particularly, into the French-speaking majority;
(7)  take, with the departments concerned, the measures necessary to establish standards for the recognition in Québec of diplomas obtained, studies completed, training received and experience acquired abroad and the corresponding equivalences;
(8)  define objectives regarding the number of foreign nationals who may be admitted in a given period taking into account, in particular, the demographic, economic and socio-cultural needs of Québec.
1994, c. 15, s. 8.