M-17.2 - Act respecting the Ministère de la Famille, des Aînés et de la Condition féminine

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167. A person, other than a person referred to in section 157 of this Act, that on 31 August 1997 is the holder of a day care centre permit and is eligible for the grants provided for in the former provisions of section 41.6 of the Act, remains eligible for such grants until 31 August 2002, subject to the new provisions of the Act and the regulations.
The said permit holder is governed by the new provisions of sections 13 and 13.2, paragraphs 3 and 5 of section 23, paragraph 2 of section 36.1, and sections 41.6.1, 41.6.2, 74.4, 74.5 and 76.1 of the Act, adapted as required.
If the said permit holder is a natural person, a partnership or a profit-seeking legal person, any application for a grant made by the permit holder must include proof that the parents committee has approved the purposes for which the grant is applied for.
The acquirer of a day care centre operated by the said permit holder shall be eligible for the grants and financial assistance referred to in the first paragraph, and is subject to the other provisions of this section and the new provisions of the Act and the regulations if the acquirer obtains a day care centre permit to operate at the same location.
The fourth paragraph does not apply to the acquirer of a day care centre if the permit holder has undertaken to take part in the acquisition plan provided for in section 172 of this Act.
This section does not apply to a municipality.
1997, c. 58, s. 167.