M-14.1 - Act respecting the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation

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10. In carrying out his or her mission as regards the economy, the Minister must, in particular, foster Québec enterprises’ participation in Canadian internal trade and in international trade.
The Minister is therefore responsible for
(1)  developing, negotiating, coordinating and implementing the Government’s trade policy;
(2)  planning and organizing the trade-related action of the Government, of its departments and of its bodies, steering that action and coordinating their activities in connection with such matters;
(3)  taking the lead in the negotiation of Canadian intergovernmental trade agreements and seeing to their implementation by the government departments concerned;
(4)  promoting and defending Québec’s interests during the negotiation of any international trade agreement and obtaining gains the Minister considers satisfactory when entering into such an agreement;
(5)  seeing to the implementation in Québec, by the government departments concerned, of the agreements referred to in subparagraph 4;
(6)  coordinating, organizing and implementing the defence of Québec’s interests in trade disputes, subject to the settlement and conduct, by the Attorney General, of all litigation against the State in relation to such a dispute, and doing so in collaboration with the government departments and bodies concerned and, if applicable, the other governments in Canada and abroad;
(7)  conducting research, studies and analyses on countries and their economic situation and potential to assess opportunities for developing Québec innovations or other Québec products and services in, or exporting them to, those countries, and for promoting foreign investments from those countries in Québec;
(8)  in complementarity with players having developed expertise in such matters, providing enterprises and bodies with support, in Québec, elsewhere in Canada and abroad, in enhancing, commercializing and promoting their innovations and their other products and services, in particular through missions, consulting services, internships, trade shows or financial assistance programs, and coordinating the activities of the government departments and bodies concerned; and
(9)  providing the Government with opinions, other than those within the purview of the Minister of Justice, on the compliance of measures, programs or other government interventions with trade agreements.
The Minister exercises the responsibilities conferred on him or her by this Act as regards international trade in keeping with the functions and powers of the Minister of International Relations; the Minister must consult with and inform the latter in conducting trade relations and negotiations and must also ensure the participation of the department’s representatives in the liaison committee established under section 18.1 of the Act respecting the Ministère des Relations internationales (chapter M-25.1.1).
2019, c. 29, s. 1.