M-11.5 - Act respecting transparency measures in the mining, oil and gas industries

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3. For the purposes of this Act,
payee means
(1)  a government;
(2)  a body established by two or more governments;
(3)  a municipality or the Kativik Regional Government;
(4)  a Native nation represented by all the band councils, or councils in the case of northern villages, of the communities forming the Native nation, the Makivik Corporation, the Cree Nation Government, a Native community represented by its band council, a group of communities so represented or, in the absence of such councils, any other Native group;
(5)  any board, commission, trust or corporation or other body that exercises, or is established to exercise, powers or duties of government for a payee referred to in paragraphs 1 to 4; or
(6)  any other payee the Government designates by regulation;
payment : means a monetary payment or a payment in kind that is made to a payee in relation to exploration for or development of mineral substances or hydrocarbons and that falls within any of the following categories:
(1)  taxes and income tax, other than consumption taxes and personal income taxes;
(2)  royalties;
(3)  fees, including rental fees, entry fees, regulatory charges and any other consideration for licences, permits or concessions;
(4)  production entitlements;
(5)  dividends other than those paid as an ordinary shareholder of a person subject to this Act;
(6)  bonuses, including signature, discovery and production bonuses;
(7)  contributions for infrastructure construction or improvement; or
(8)  any other payment the Government determines by regulation.
2015, c. 23, s. 3.