L-6.2 - Tobacco Control Act

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57.1. In any penal proceedings relating to an offence under this Act or its regulations, proof that the offence was committed by a representative, mandatary or employee of any party is sufficient to establish that it was committed by that party, unless the party establishes, subject to section 14, that it exercised due diligence and took all necessary precautions to prevent its commission.
2005, c. 29, s. 52; 2015, c. 28, s. 67.
57.1. Where a legal person, partnership or association commits an offence against this Act or a regulation, a director, officer, partner, employee or mandatary of the legal person, partnership or association who directed, authorized or advised the commission of the offence or consented to it is a party to the offence and is liable to the same penalty as that prescribed for committing the offence, whether or not the legal person, partnership or association has been prosecuted or found guilty.
2005, c. 29, s. 52.