L-6.2 - Tobacco Control Act

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30. The Government may make regulations determining standards relating to the reports that the Minister may require tobacco product manufacturers and distributors to file containing the information that the Minister considers necessary to protect public health and ensure compliance with this Act, and in particular
(1)  the volume of sales;
(2)  the range of tobacco and tobacco products marketed;
(3)  the sums invested in promotion and advertising;
(4)  any other information relating to the composition of the tobacco products marketed, in particular the ingredients and properties of such tobacco products.
The regulations shall prescribe the content, form and frequency of the reports, and the intervals at which and manner in which they must be filed, and may exempt certain categories of tobacco products, or certain persons whose tobacco sales are below the percentage of total tobacco sales determined by the Government, from such obligations.
1998, c. 33, s. 30.