L-4.1 - Act respecting electoral lists

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196. (Replaced).
R. S. 1964, c. 7, s. 187; 1979, c. 56, s. 256.
196. (1)  When, according to the electoral list to be used for the polling, a polling-subdivision contains more than three hundred electors, the returning-officer shall establish for such subdivision several polling-stations as near to one another as possible and in the same street, in such a way that there shall be not more than three hundred electors on the list of each polling-station.
(2)  The returning-officer shall also establish several polling-stations in a single polling-subdivision when a group of electors, owing to local conditions, must travel more than eight miles to vote.
(3)  In such cases the returning-officer must divide the list for the polling-subdivision into as many separate parts as there are polling-stations established.
(4)  Each polling-station shall be designated by the streets or parts of streets where the electors who are to vote at such polling-station are domiciled.
(5)  To divide the list of any subdivision referred to in subsection 2 of section 26, or in section 35, the returning-officer, if he divides it into two separate parts, shall place on the first part the electors entered opposite even numbers and on the second part those entered opposite odd numbers. If he divides it into more than two separate parts, he shall use a similar numerical procedure, according to the number of polls.
(6)  The deputy returning-officers and poll-clerks of the polls established under this section shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of sections 180 and 181.
(7)  Not later than the day before polling-day, the returning-officer shall hand to the deputy returning-officer a certified list of all the electors entered as on the streets or parts of streets the names of which are used to designate such polling-station.
R. S. 1964, c. 7, s. 187.