J-1 - Newspaper Declaration Act

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6. Where the printers and publishers of any newspaper, pamphlet or other such paper, together with such number of proprietors as are hereinbefore required to be named in the declaration aforesaid, do not altogether exceed four persons, the declaration required shall be sworn to and signed by all the said persons who are adults; and when the number of such persons exceeds four, the same shall be signed and sworn by four such other persons, if so many of them are adults, or by so many of them as are adults; and the same shall contain the real name, description and domicile of every person who is, or is intended to be, the printer or publisher, and of so many of the proprietors as are hereinbefore for that purpose mentioned.
The person or persons so signing and swearing to the truth of such declaration in the last mentioned case shall give notice within eight days after such declaration is so delivered as aforesaid, to each person not signing and swearing to such declaration, but named therein as a proprietor, printer or publisher of such newspaper, pamphlet or other paper as aforesaid, that he is so named therein; and in case of neglect to give such notice, each person who has signed and sworn to such declaration shall be liable to a fine of $80.
R. S. 1964, c. 49, s. 6.