I-9 - Engineers Act

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3. The activities reserved to engineers under the first paragraph of section 2 relate to the following works:
(1)  a structural component and a mechanical, thermal or electrical system of a building, except
(a)  a building, other than an industrial occupancy, regarding which complete acceptable solutions provided for in Part 9 of the National Building Code, as incorporated into Chapter I of the Construction Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 2), are applied; and
(b)  an agricultural occupancy, other than a silo or a livestock waste storage facility having, after the work is completed,
i.  no more than one storey, exterior wall studs no more than 3.6 metres high, a building area of no more than 600 m2 and a height of no more than 6 metres measured from grade average ground level to its roof ridge; or
ii.  no more than two storeys and a building area of no more than 150 m2;
(2)  a temporary or permanent structure that requires studies on the properties of the materials composing or supporting it, in particular a structure used
(a)  for the transportation of persons or material, such as a bridge, road, crane, pipeline or tower or the structural components of a sewer; or
(b)  for the control or use of waters, such as a dam or retention basin or the structural components of waterworks; and
(3)  a system to generate, accumulate, transmit, use or distribute energy in electrical, mechanical or thermal form, such as industrial equipment or a pumping system used to treat water, excluding a system whose malfunction does not present a risk for the safety of persons and a system intended for use by a single dwelling unit.
Such professional activities also relate to the dependencies of road works.
For the purposes of the first paragraph, industrial-scale transformation or extraction processes, excluding a process to extract a forest resource, are considered to be works.
A system for the discharge, collection or treatment of waste water from an isolated dwelling referred to in a regulation made under the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2), as well as a private waterworks system and a private system for the treatment, disposal or reclamation of residual materials intended for use by a single dwelling unit having not more than six bedrooms, are excluded from the first paragraph.
R. S. 1964, c. 262, s. 3; 2020, c. 152020, c. 15, s. 48.
3. The practice of the engineering profession consists in performing for another any of the following acts, when they relate to the works mentioned in section 2:
(a)  the giving of consultations and opinions;
(b)  the making of measurements, of layouts, the preparation of reports, computations, designs, drawings, plans, specifications;
(c)  the inspection or supervision of the works.
R. S. 1964, c. 262, s. 3.