I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

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40. If a public health and social services institution governed by the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) or the Act respecting health services and social services for Cree Native persons (chapter S-5) must provide for the financing of major expenditures resulting from a public infrastructure project, the Government may, on the recommendation of the Minister of Health and Social Services, if it considers that the circumstances so warrant and on the terms and conditions it determines, authorize the institution, despite any provision to the contrary,
(1)  to transfer ownership of any property it owns to the Société in order to enable the Société to carry out any planned project, and to receive, as consideration, any amount necessary to pay any debt relating to the transferred property;
(2)  to lease any property transferred to the Société in return for a rent that ensures repayment of the principal of and interest on any amount transferred to the institution by the Société or paid by the Société to carry out a project; and
(3)  to resume, if necessary, ownership of the property on expiry of a lease entered into under subparagraph 2.
No transfer duties provided for in the Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables (chapter D-15.1) are payable in the case of a transfer or resumption of ownership of property under this section.
2013, c. 23, s. 40.