I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

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31. The Société manages and exercises control over any public infrastructure project considered major under section 16 of a public body other than a health and social service provider. In that capacity, it may carry out any call for tenders or enter into any contract arising from such a project.
However, the first paragraph does not apply in the case of a road infrastructure project or when the Conseil du trésor authorizes a public body to retain responsibility for or control over a project. In such cases, the public body is required to work with the Société to comply with Divisions II and III of Chapter II and the resulting measures. It may also work with the Société to monitor and manage contracts arising from the public infrastructure project and for any other operation related to the project that they agree on.
For the purposes of this section, road infrastructure project means a project whose purpose is to maintain, improve, replace, add or demolish any civil engineering structure or any immovable related to highway transportation, including roads, bridges, lookouts, rest areas, service areas or inspection stations, or parking areas in the right of way of a road.
2013, c. 23, s. 31.