I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

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18. The Conseil du trésor may, in exercising the powers conferred on it by this chapter, prepare a directive with respect to investment planning and public infrastructure management within public bodies or a class of public bodies.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the directive may
(1)  specify policies regarding prioritization criteria for a body’s public infrastructure projects;
(2)  establish rules to ensure centralized governance of public infrastructure project portfolio management;
(3)  determine, based on a project’s costs, the authorizations required and the content of the documents required at the various management stages of the project, or allow the Société québécoise des infrastructures to determine the content of those documents;
(4)  establish rules for compiling and updating the inventory of public infrastructures under a public body’s responsibility;
(5)  establish procedural policies for assessing the condition of a public infrastructure, its replacement value and the asset maintenance deficit; and
(6)  harmonize the concepts and establish the parameters and standards applicable to asset maintenance and to the improvement, replacement, addition and demolition of public infrastructures.
A directive prepared under this section must be approved by the Government, which may do so with or without modification. It becomes applicable on the date specified in the directive and, once approved, is binding on the public bodies concerned.
2013, c. 23, s. 18.