I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

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151. The terms of office of the vice-presidents of Infrastructure Québec end on 12 November 2013 without any compensation other than the compensation provided for in their contract of employment.
However, a person referred to in the first paragraph who has received or who receives severance pay and who holds an office, an employment or any other remunerated position in the public sector as defined in Schedule I to the Règles concernant la rémunération et les autres conditions de travail des titulaires d’un emploi supérieur à temps plein, enacted by Order in Council 450-2007 (2007, G.O. 2, 2723, French only) during the period corresponding to the period covered by that severance pay must refund the part of the severance pay covering the period for which the person receives a salary, or cease to receive it during that period.
However, if the salary the person receives is lower than the salary the person received previously, the person is required to refund the severance pay only up to the amount of the new salary, or the person may continue to receive the part of the severance pay that exceeds the new salary.
The period covered by the severance pay corresponds to the period that would have been covered by the same amount if the person had received it as a salary when the person held the office of vice-president.
2013, c. 23, s. 151.