I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

Full text
148. Sections 46 to 51 of the Act respecting the Société immobilière du Québec (chapter S-17.1) and section 63 of the Act respecting Infrastructure Québec (chapter I-8.2), as they read on 12 November 2013, and section 209 of the Act to abolish the Ministère des Services gouvernementaux and to implement the Government’s 2010-2014 Action Plan to Reduce and Control Expenditures by abolishing or restructuring certain bodies and certain funds (2011, chapter 16) continue to apply until 12 November 2015 to employees transferred to the Société as a result of the amalgamation under section 22 who, on 12 November 2013, could avail themselves of the rights under those sections.
2013, c. 23, s. 148.