I-8.2 - Act respecting Infrastructure Québec

Full text
5. In pursuing its mission, Infrastructure Québec
(1)  advises the Government on any matter of public infrastructure projects;
(2)  provides expert services to public bodies in respect of any public infrastructure project, in particular with regard to identifying the elements to be taken into consideration in assessing project relevance, to identifying the options available to meet the need with due regard for the functional, durable and harmonious nature of the proposed infrastructure, and to determining the preferred option and the project delivery approach;
(3)  provides public bodies with strategic, financial and other advice with regard to public infrastructure projects;
(4)  participates in the meetings of the committee responsible for the follow-up of public infrastructure projects, including with regard to scheduling and budget control;
(5)  operates a documentation centre accessible to all interested persons on matters related to the planning, carrying out and management of public infrastructure projects; for that purpose, Infrastructure Québec collects and analyzes information on similar experiences in Canada and abroad; and
(6)  exercises any other function assigned to it by the Government.
2009, c. 53, s. 5.