I-8.2 - Act respecting Infrastructure Québec

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4. The mission of Infrastructure Québec is to contribute, through its advice and expertise, to the planning and carrying out of public infrastructure projects by public bodies in order to obtain quality infrastructures and ensure the optimal management of risks, costs and scheduling, and to take part in the planning of infrastructure maintenance, all of which to ensure the sound management of public funds.
Infrastructure Québec thus contributes to the improvement of the quality of services delivered to the public through the public infrastructure projects in which it is involved.
For the purposes of this Act, a public infrastructure project is a project, considered major by the Government, the purpose of which is the construction, maintenance, improvement or demolition of a building, facility or civil engineering structure, including a transport infrastructure, and to which the Government contributes financially, either directly or indirectly. A public infrastructure project carried out under a public-private partnership may include the delivery of a public service.
A public infrastructure project is considered a major project if it meets the criteria determined by the Government or if the Government expressly qualifies it as such.
2009, c. 53, s. 4.