I-8.1 - Act respecting offences relating to alcoholic beverages

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64. (Repealed).
1971, c. 19, s. 67; 1974, c. 14, s. 52; 1979, c. 71, s. 120.
64. The rights conferred by a permit cannot be validly transferred to another person except in case of the death or bankruptcy of the holder of the permit.
In such latter cases, an application for transfer shall be made to the Commission, which may, in its discretion, refuse the transfer, authorize it upon payment of the prescribed duties and on the conditions which it considers expedient to require or render its decision only after a public hearing.
Sections 34 to 48 shall apply, mutatismutandis, to the hearing provided for in this section.
1971, c. 19, s. 67; 1974, c. 14, s. 52.