I-13.011 - Act respecting the Institut de la statistique du Québec

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5. In the pursuit of its mission, the Institut may
(1)  collect, compile, integrate, analyze and disseminate information and process the information in such a manner that comparisons in and outside Québec may be made;
(2)  collaborate with the government departments and bodies in the use of administrative data for statistical purposes;
(3)  facilitate, as required, the coordination of the statistical activities of the government departments and bodies, in particular to avoid duplication;
(4)  recommend definitions, codes or concepts to facilitate the production of statistics and ensure the comparability of statistics;
(5)  provide scientific or technical services in the field of statistics to government departments and bodies and to its other clients;
(6)  take any initiative to foster cooperation between government departments and bodies in the use of new information and communication technologies to facilitate the production and dissemination of government statistical information;
(7)  develop methodologies, integration frameworks and other necessary tools.
1998, c. 44, s. 5.