I-13.011 - Act respecting the Institut de la statistique du Québec

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13.7. Any researcher attached to a public body who intends to obtain from the Institut communication of designated information for research purposes must request it in writing, in the form determined by the Institut.
Where the information includes personal information, the researcher must show in the request that
(1)  the objective of the research project can only be achieved if that personal information is communicated;
(2)  it is unreasonable to require that the researcher obtain the consent of the persons concerned;
(3)  the communication and use of personal information as part of the researcher’s research project are not prejudicial to the persons concerned and that the research project’s expected benefits are in the public interest;
(4)  the personal information will be used in a manner that will ensure its confidentiality; and
(5)  only the personal information necessary for the research project is requested.
2021, c. 15, s. 71.