I-0.2 - Act respecting immigration to Québec

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12.2. Any copy of a book, register or document produced for an investigation and certified by the Minister or an investigator as being a true copy of the original, is admissible as proof and has the same probative force as the original.
1978, c. 82, s. 5; 1991, c. 3, s. 5.
12.2. To hinder an investigator in the performance of his duties, to mislead him or attempt to mislead him by misrepresentation or by failing or refusing, without valid reason, to fully answer all the questions that may lawfully be posed, or to refuse to obey any order he may give under this act or the regulations, is prohibited.
An investigator must, if required, present a certificate of his status signed by the Minister.
1978, c. 82, s. 5.