H-1.1 - Act respecting Héma-Québec and the biovigilance committee

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71. (Repealed).
1998, c. 41, s. 71; 2013, c. 11, s. 18.
71. Failing agreement on the amount of the final indemnity within 60 days after receipt of the notice of expropriation by the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Canadian Red Cross Society or the Minister may require that the amount be determined by arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C‐25), by notifying the other party to appoint its own arbitrator.
The indemnity shall be fixed by the arbitrators on the basis of the value of the property expropriated.
Notwithstanding articles 945.4, 946.2 and 947 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Superior Court may, on the application of any interested person presented within 30 days after the arbitration award, review the decision of the arbitrators on the ground of a manifest error of law or fact and fix the amount of the final indemnity. The decision of the court may not be appealed.
1998, c. 41, s. 71.