H-1.1 - Act respecting Héma-Québec and the biovigilance committee

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70. (Repealed).
1998, c. 41, s. 70; 2013, c. 11, s. 18.
70. The clerk of the Superior Court of the judicial district of Montréal must call in the creditors of the Canadian Red Cross Society by public notice and request that they file their claims in the manner set out in article 578 of the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C‐25).
The provisional indemnity shall be distributed to the creditors according to the rules provided for seizures in execution of movable or immovable property, including the formality of a collocation scheme but without a collocation of law costs.
When distribution has been completed, the clerk shall notify the Minister and the Canadian Red Cross Society, and the latter may withdraw the surplus, if any.
1998, c. 41, s. 70.