H-1.1 - Act respecting Héma-Québec and the biovigilance committee

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31.1. The Minister or a person authorized in writing by the Minister may conduct an inspection and, at any reasonable time, enter any premises under the responsibility of Héma-Québec to verify compliance with this Act or the regulations.
The inspector may
(1)  examine and make a copy of any document relating to Héma-Québec activities; and
(2)  demand any information relating to the application of this Act or a regulation and the production of any document connected with it.
A person having custody, possession or control of such documents must, on request, make them available to the inspector.
The inspector must, on request, produce a certificate of authorization signed by the Minister.
No proceedings may be brought against the inspector for acts in good faith in the performance of inspection duties.
2013, c. 11, s. 9.