F-5 - Act respecting workforce vocational training and qualification

Full text
7. (Repealed).
1969, c. 51, s. 7; 1992, c. 44, s. 56.
7. Subject to the regulations made under section 30, commissions established under this Act shall have all the rights, powers and privileges of corporations within the meaning of the Civil Code. With the authorization of the Minister and on such conditions as he determines they may in particular:
(a)  make agreements respecting vocational training with any educational institution or any person, undertaking or body;
(b)  give courses in apprenticeship, vocational training, adaptation and readjustment to work and in retraining of manpower;
(c)  acquire, hold, improve, lease and alienate by onerous title moveable and immoveable property of all kinds;
(d)  borrow money;
(e)  issue bonds or other titles of indebtedness or securities and sell, exchange, mortgage or pledge the same;
(f)  notwithstanding the provisions of the Civil Code, hypothecate, mortgage or pledge, while retaining possession thereof, cede or transfer their moveable and immoveable property, present or future, to secure the payment of the bonds or securities issued, give a part only of such guarantees for the same objects, and constitute such hypothec, mortgage or pledge by trust deed in accordance with the Special Corporate Powers Act;
(g)  invest their funds in any manner they deem suitable;
(h)  accept any gift, legacy or other liberality by entirely gratuitous and unconditional title.
1969, c. 51, s. 7.