F-3 - Civil Service Act

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73. The Syndicat des fonctionnaires provinciaux du Québec is recognized as the representative of all employees in the civil service who are employees within the meaning of the Labour Code as amended, except:
(a)  teachers;
(b)  employees who are members of each of the professions contemplated in chapter B-1, N-2, M-9, D-3, P-10, O-7, O-6, M-8, A-12, A-21, I-9, A-23, I-10, C-15, C-48 and in section 242 of chapter 43 of the statutes of 1973, and persons admitted to the study of such professions;
(c)  employees who are university graduates, economists, geographers, geologists, biologists, town-planners, auditors, psychologists, social workers, guidance counsellors and other professionals;
(d)  employees who are peace officers, prison guards, game-wardens, transportation or autoroute inspectors and other persons performing duties of a peace officer.
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