F-3 - Civil Service Act

Full text
2. The following shall be members of the civil service within the meaning of this act:
(1)  the deputy-heads, functionaries and workmen employed in the departments at the seat of the Gouvernement (inside service);
(2)  the functionaries and workmen employed by the departments elsewhere than at the seat of the Gouvernement (outside service);
(3)  the functionaries and employees of the Legislature;
(4)  the aides-de-camp and other employees of the Lieutenant-Governor’s office;
(5)  the registrars and officers of justice receiving a fixed salary, as well as the employees under their orders but not the representatives of the Attorney-General who have not been appointed as permanent attorneys;
(6)  the functionaries and employees appointed under section 51 of the Police Act (chapter P-13) but not the members of the Sûreté du Québec;
(7)  the functionaries and employees (not the members) of the Commission de la fonction publique du Québec, the Commission municipale du Québec or of any other body the functionaries or officers of which are by law appointed or remunerated according to this act;
(8)  the functionaries and employees of the schools governed by the Specialized Schools Act (chapter E-10) and of the agents-general or delegates-general of Québec;
(9)  the Assistant Director of Services de protection de l’environnement.
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