E-9.1 - Act respecting private education

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84. The Minister shall establish annually, after consulting the accredited educational institutions, and submit to the Conseil du trésor for approval budgetary rules to determine the amount of subsidies to be paid to accredited educational institutions for dispensing accredited services.
The budgetary rules must provide for the allocation of a base amount for each full-time student duly enrolled on the dates provided therein, in educational services belonging to one of the categories mentioned in paragraphs 1 to 4, 7 and 8 of section 1 for which the accreditation is granted, together with the standards and methods of calculating the allocation of a subsidy for part-time students enrolled at the college level, within the meaning of those rules, and of an amount in lieu of the rental value of the institution’s facilities.
The budgetary rules may, in addition, provide for the granting of subsidies to an institution offering special programs established by the Minister for public education, dispensing other educational services than those referred to in the second paragraph, dispensing educational services to handicapped students or students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities otherwise than under an authorization granted under paragraph 2 of section 14 or carrying out activities agreed upon with the Minister.
The budgetary rules may provide that the granting of subsidies may be subject to general conditions applicable to all institutions or special conditions applicable to one or more institutions. The budgetary rules may also provide that a subsidy under the third paragraph shall be granted to one institution or to certain institutions only.
The budgetary rules may vary according to the nature of the educational services or categories of students.
1992, c. 68, s. 84; 1993, c. 25, s. 33.