E-9.1 - Act respecting private education

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47. The Government may, by regulation, determine rules governing the pedagogical aspects of the supplementary vocational training services dispensed by private educational institutions.
The regulation may prescribe that the following are subject to the Minister’s approval:
(1)  the programs of studies;
(2)  the instructional material to be used by the institutions;
(3)  the form and content of the training attestation to be issued by an institution to a student who has achieved the objectives of the programs of studies in a field authorized by its permit;
(4)  the standards and procedures for the evaluation of students’ learning achievement; and
(5)  the rules governing certification of studies by an institution.
1992, c. 68, s. 47; 2013, c. 28, s. 124.
47. The programs of studies for supplementary vocational training shall be the institutional programs approved by the Minister.
1992, c. 68, s. 47.