E-9.1 - Act respecting private education

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160. Permits referred to in section 158 shall be renewed in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
On renewing a permit, the Minister shall rectify any mention on the permit to make it consistent with the educational services dispensed by the institution, subject to the modifications made pursuant to this Act and the terminology used in this Act; in addition, he may exercise the powers provided for in sections 15 and 16 and the third paragraph of section 18.
However, in the case of a declaration of public interest or a recognition for purposes of grants made without a date of expiry with regard to educational services belonging to a category listed in paragraphs 1 to 3, 5 and 7 of section 1, the permit to dispense such services must be renewed without a date of expiry and without its holder being bound to meet the conditions provided for in the second paragraph of section 18.
1992, c. 68, s. 160.