E-14.2 - Act respecting tourist accommodation establishments

Full text
21.1. No provision of a municipal by-law adopted under the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1) may operate to prohibit the operation of a tourist accommodation establishment where accommodation, not including any meals served on the premises, in the principal residence of the natural person operating it is offered, by means of a single reservation, to a person or a single group of related persons at a time.
The first paragraph does not apply to a provision of a zoning by-law or a conditional use by-law introduced by a by-law that amends the by-law concerned and is adopted in accordance with the provisions of Division V of Chapter IV of Title I of the Act respecting land use planning and development, with the following modifications:
(1)  any provision contained in the second draft by-law is deemed to have been the subject of a valid application from any zone from which such an application may originate under section 130 of that Act, and sections 131 to 133 of that Act do not apply; and
(2)  for the purpose of determining whether a referendum poll must be held in respect of that by-law, the number of applications that must be reached under the first paragraph of section 553 of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (chapter E-2.2) is reduced by 50%, rounded up to the next whole number.
2021, c. 7, s. 73.