D-8.1.1 - Sustainable Development Act

Full text
13. To ensure the carrying out of this Act, the functions of the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks consist more specifically in,
(1)  promoting sustainable development within the Administration and among the general public, and fostering joint and cohesive action in order to harmonize interventions;
(2)  coordinating the efforts of the government departments to define, renew or revise the components of the sustainable development strategy, including sustainable development indicators, and recommending the adoption of the strategy and indicators by the Government;
(3)  coordinating efforts to prepare periodic assessments of the implementation of the sustainable development strategy within the Administration and, at least every five years, drafting, in collaboration with the other government departments concerned, an implementation status report and submitting it to the Government for approval;
(4)  enhancing knowledge and analyzing experiences elsewhere in the field of sustainable development, in particular as regards the directions pursued by strategies and action plans and their implementation, and the development of indicators and other methods for measuring the progression of sustainable development and the integration of related environmental, social and economic concerns; and
(5)  advising and providing expertise and assistance to the Government and third persons as regards sustainable development to help achieve the objectives of the strategy and to ensure that the principles of sustainable development are applied and complied with.
2006, c. 3, s. 13.