D-8.1.1 - Sustainable Development Act

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11. The first version of the sustainable development strategy must be adopted by the Government in the year following the year of assent to this Act.
The first version of the strategy must, in particular, address the following issues:
(1)  the sustainable development information and education measures to be implemented, in particular for certain classes of the personnel of the Administration;
(2)  the development of tools or models for the design, determination and analysis of projects in terms of sustainable development, among other things to take into account all the principles of sustainable development or to implement approaches related to those principles, in particular concerning the life cycle of products and services;
(3)  the mechanisms to be implemented to encourage the participation of the various stakeholders in society; and
(4)  the means selected to foster an integrated approach and the coherence of the various interventions undertaken in the area of sustainable development by the local and regional authorities concerned, including those undertaken by Native communities.
2006, c. 3, s. 11.