D-8.0.1 - James Bay Region Development Act

Full text
16. (Repealed).
1971, c. 34, s. 16; 1978, c. 41, s. 19.
16. The development of hydro-electric resources and the production and distribution of electricity in the Territory, and the transmission of such electricity, shall be effected by a company incorporated under section 21, not less than a majority of whose shares, having voting rights in all circumstances, shall be held by Hydro-Québec, and not more than forty per cent shall be held by the corporation.
The electricity produced in the Territory shall not be sold or distributed outside the Territory otherwise than to Hydro-Québec.
Nothing in this act shall be interpreted as restricting the application of the Act respecting the exportation of electric power (chapter E-23).
1971, c. 34, s. 16.