D-3 - Dental Act

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27. The following activities in the practice of dentistry are reserved to dentists:
(1)  diagnosing deficiencies and diseases;
(2)  prescribing diagnostic examinations;
(3)  using diagnostic techniques that are invasive or entail risks of injury;
(4)  determining a treatment plan;
(5)  prescribing medications or other substances;
(6)  prescribing procedures or treatments;
(7)  using techniques or applying treatments that are invasive or entail risks of injury, including aesthetic procedures;
(8)  prescribing the fabrication or repair of a dental prosthesis or a dental appliance;
(9)  selling dental prostheses or dental appliances; and
(10)  providing clinical monitoring of the condition of persons whose state of health is problematic.
1973, c. 49, s. 27; 2020, c. 15, s. 35.
27. Notwithstanding any other general law or special Act, dentists shall be qualified to prescribe medication for the purposes contemplated in section 26, to take impressions and occlusions and to test, set, adjust, replace and sell removable or fixed devices.
For the purposes of this section the words removable devices mean detachable dental prostheses to replace natural teeth and the words fixed devices mean fixed prostheses added to or set in natural teeth.
1973, c. 49, s. 27.