D-16 - Succession Duties Act

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52. When an estate includes bonds, debentures, inscribed stock or other securities of the Province of Québec, free of the duties imposed by this act, the Minister of Revenue may require that any person receiving or entitled to same pay the duties or his share of duties, as the case may be, payable under this act, wholly or in part by the delivery of such bonds, debentures, inscribed stock or other securities.
The securities so given in payment of the duties shall be computed at their average price on the day of the death.
No exemption from the duties provided for under this act may be granted by reason of the securities contemplated in this section, when such securities have been acquired by the estates of the deceased or of his or her consort common as to property, after their decease or during their supposedly last illness.
R. S. 1964, c. 70, s. 41.