D-13.1 - Act respecting hunting and fishing rights in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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89. Where, after receiving the advice of the Coordinating Committee, the Government decides to make regulations to replace the guidelines or programs referred to in paragraph h of section 78, it shall take care to minimize the possible negative impacts of such regulations on the exercise of the right to harvest by taking into account the effect of the regulations on:
(a)  Native food production in the Territory;
(b)  the role of the Cree tallymen;
(c)  the organization and boundaries of Cree traplines;
(d)  the accessibility of harvestable wildlife resources to the Native people;
(e)  the efficiency and cost of the activities related to the exercise of the right to harvest;
(f)  the cash incomes of the Native people.
1978, c. 92, s. 89.