D-13.1 - Act respecting hunting and fishing rights in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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39. In view of giving effect to the principle of conservation contemplated in section 2, as well as the rights and guarantees recognized for the Native people by this Act, the Government shall make regulations applicable to non-Natives who sport hunt and sport fish in the territory so as to control the number of persons, the places and the times where they are permitted to hunt and fish in Category III lands.
For the same purposes and with respect to the same persons, the Government may also make regulations respecting:
(a)  the obligation to use existing outfitting facilities;
(b)  the requirement, to the extent possible, to be accompanied by a Native guide when hunting and fishing in the Territory;
(c)  the creation of special fishing zones as well as zones for the hunting of big game north of the 50th parallel.
If the Coordinating Committee determines that the presence of temporary labour forces or a given temporary labour force involved in construction and related work in the territory may effect the regime constituted by this Act, including the principle of conservation, as well as the rights and guarantees granted to the Native people by this Act, the Government shall establish regulations respecting the sport hunting and sport fishing activities of such temporary labour forces and the places, the facilities and precise services which they must use. The Coordinating Committee shall participate in the establishment and review of such regulations and shall supervise their implementation.
1978, c. 92, s. 39.