D-13.1 - Act respecting hunting and fishing rights in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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18. The right to harvest includes:
(a)  the right to possess and use all equipment needed to exercise that right except any explosive, poison, firearm connected to a trap or remote control, automatic weapon, tracer bullet, non-expanding ball ammunition, air-gun or other similar equipment specified by regulation;
(b)  the right to travel and establish such camps as are necessary to exercise that right;
(c)  the use of traditional hunting, fishing and trapping methods and methods in use as of 11 November 1975, except where such methods affect public safety;
(d)  the right to possess and transport within the Territory the products of the exercise of that right;
(e)  the exclusive right the Native people have to trap, including for commercial purposes.
Automatic weapon means any firearm that is capable of firing bullets in rapid succession during one pressure of the trigger.
1978, c. 92, s. 18.