D-13.1 - Act respecting hunting and fishing rights in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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15.3. In the areas contemplated in section 12.1 and indicated in Schedule 6, except Category I-N and II-N lands for the Naskapis, the Inuit may exercise the right to harvest caribou.
When he exercises such a right in respect of caribou, an Inuk may exercise the right to harvest fur-bearers, fish and birds but only to feed himself in the case of need.
Fur-bearers, fish and birds hunted, fished, trapped, captured or killed in the exercise of the right to harvest contemplated in this section form part of the quotas or of any form of allocation of wildlife resources applicable to the Inuit under this Act.
The right to harvest caribou contemplated in the first paragraph may be exercised south of the 56°15′ parallel only
(a)  while travelling between an Inuit community and Schefferville; or
(b)  if the quota of caribou allocated to the Inuit based on the species in the whole territory cannot be reached by reason of the rarity of that species in the areas contemplated in sections 12, 13 and 13.1 and in the areas contemplated in this section north of the 56°15′ parallel, and if the majority of the members of the Coordinating Committee having the right to vote have given their authorization and specified the duration of that authorization.
The majority contemplated in the preceding paragraph must include the members appointed by Makivik Corporation and those appointed by the Government.
1979, c. 25, s. 61.