C-8.3 - Act respecting international financial centres

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69.1.1. If, in a taxation year, an individual is absent from an employment the individual holds with a particular corporation or partnership operating an international financial centre and, were it not for that absence, would be an individual described in section 66 for the part of the year that is included in the individual’s period of absence, the Minister may, for the purposes of this subdivision, consider that part of the year to be included in the individual’s reference period, established under section 69, in relation to the employment if the Minister is of the opinion that the individual is temporarily absent from the employment for reasons the Minister considers reasonable.
The conditions set out in section 66 that were satisfied by the individual before the beginning of the individual’s period of absence are deemed to be satisfied for the part of the year in respect of which the Minister exercises discretion in the individual’s favour in accordance with the first paragraph.
2005, c. 23, s. 15.