C-74 - Insurance Brokers Act

Full text
1. In this act, the following expressions mean:
(a)  Association, the Insurance Brokers’ Association of the Province of Québec;
(b)  Board, the Board of Directors of the Association;
(c)  manager, the manager of the Association;
(d)  member in good standing, any member of the Association who is not under suspension and is not indebted to the Association for any fine or costs nor for any fees more than three months in arrears;
(e)  insurance broker, an agent within the meaning of subsection i of section 1 of the Act respecting insurance (chapter A-32), who does not deal exclusively in insurance of the person and who, with respect to other categories of insurance, does not deal with only one insurer or only one group of insurers under joint management, whether or not he has an agency contract with such insurer or group of insurers;
(f)  by-laws, the by-laws of the Association.
R. S. 1964, c. 268, s. 1; 1974, c. 70, s. 473.