C-73 - Real Estate Brokerage Act

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9.8. Any agreement binding a natural person, for a fixed period after the expiry of the contract, to remunerate the broker even if the sale, rental or exchange of an immovable is made after such expiry, is void.
The first paragraph does not apply if the agreement provides that remuneration is due where
(1)  the contract is exclusive;
(2)  the sale, rental or exchange is made with a person who had an interest in the immovable during the term of the contract;
(3)  the transaction is carried out not more than 180 days after the expiry date of the contract;
(4)  during that period, the natural person did not enter into any exclusive contract for the sale, rental or exchange of the immovable with another broker.
1985, c. 34, s. 224.