C-72.01 - Act respecting municipal courts

Full text
118. The Government may, by regulation
(1)  determine the manner in which a person may apply for the office of judge;
(2)  authorize the Minister of Justice to form a selection committee to evaluate the aptitude of candidates for the office of judge and to provide him with an opinion concerning the candidates;
(3)  fix the composition and mode of appointment of committee members;
(4)  determine the selection criteria to be taken into account by the committee;
(5)  determine the information which the committee may require of a candidate and the consultations which the committee may make;
(6)  determine the functions which are incompatible with the functions of clerk or deputy clerk of the court;
(7)  determine the standards applicable to the premises and movable property to be furnished by a municipality for the holding of sittings of the court, for the use of the judge, for use as an interview room, for the establishment and maintenance of the court office as well as for the holding and preservation of the court records;
(8)  fix the tariff of costs for all cases under the jurisdiction of the court but not governed by the Code of Penal Procedure (chapter C-25.1).
1989, c. 52, s. 118; 1990, c. 4, s. 981.