C-67 - Act approving the Agreement concerning James Bay and Northern Québec

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5. The Legislature of Québec consents to the repeal of section 2 of the Act to extend the Boundaries of the Province of Québec (Statutes of Canada, 1912, 2 George V, chapter 45), and its replacement by the following:
2. The limits of the province of Québec are hereby increased so that the boundaries thereof shall include, in addition to the present territory of the said province, the territory bounded and described as follows: Commencing at the point at the mouth of East Main river where it empties into James bay, the said point being the western termination of the northern boundary of the province of Québec as established by chapter 3 of the statutes of 1898 intituled An Act respecting the north-western, northern and north-eastern boundaries of the province of Québec; thence northerly and easterly along the shores of Hudson bay and Hudson strait; thence southerly, easterly and northerly along the shore of Ungava bay and the shore of the said strait; thence easterly along the shore of the said strait to the boundary of the territory over which the island of Newfoundland has lawful jurisdiction; thence southeasterly along the westerly boundary of the said last mentioned territory to the middle of Bay du Rigolet or Hamilton Inlet; thence westerly along the northern boundary of the province of Québec as established by the said Act to the place of commencement; and all the land embraced by the said description shall, from and after the commencement of this Act, be added to the province of Québec, and shall, from and after the said commencement, form and be part of the said province of Québec.
1976, c. 46, s. 5.