C-67 - Act approving the Agreement concerning James Bay and Northern Québec

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4. (1)  The order made in virtue of section 3 must be tabled in the National Assembly, if it is in session, within fifteen days of its adoption by the Government. If the order is adopted while the National Assembly is not in session, or, if it is in session, between the time of its adjournment and the time appointed for resumption of its sittings, if that is more than twenty days after the date of adjournment, the order must be tabled in the Assembly within fifteen days after the opening of the next session, or the resumption of its sittings, as the case may be.
(2)  The order shall come into force fifteen sitting days after being tabled as in subsection 1 unless a motion to annul it is presented in the National Assembly before the tenth day of sitting.
1976, c. 46, s. 4.