C-65.1 - Act respecting contracting by public bodies

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21.19. (Repealed).
2012, c. 25, s. 10; 2017, c. 27, s. 119.
21.19. A contractor or subcontractor who is in the process of performing a public contract or subcontract but no longer holds an authorization because it expired or the Authority revoked it or refused to renew it is deemed to have defaulted on the contract or subcontract on the expiry of a period of 60 days after the date the authorization expired or the Authority notified its decision. However, the contractor or subcontractor is not deemed to have defaulted in the case described in the fourth paragraph of section 21.41 or as regards honouring the contract or subcontract guarantees.
Despite the first paragraph and for a reason in the public interest, a public body may apply to the Conseil du trésor for permission for continued performance of a public contract or subcontract within 30 days after receiving notification from the Authority that the contractor or subcontractor no longer holds an authorization. The Conseil du trésor may subject the permission to certain conditions, including that the contractor or subcontractor agree to the implementation, at the contractor’s or subcontractor’s expense, of oversight and monitoring measures.
2012, c. 25, s. 10.